2 Brunettes -Top 5 Things To Do In Santorini

If you’ve got holidays blues and want to know where to book your next holiday, then look no further than sunny Santorini.  I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the amazing Greek island for two blissful weeks last year and wanted to share my list of things to do in Santorini for those of you might be/are thinking of going!

*warning the following images may induce holiday envy*

1. Eat

2 Brunettes -Top 5 Things To Do In Santorini - Eat

The tourist friendly town of Kamari hosts a range of different cuisine restaurants along its black sandy beach, so you definitely won’t be stuck for choice.

Fish lovers don’t forget to sample a freshly caught platter! We tried out one from the Boathouse and as you can see above, were not disappointed!

If you’re up for trying a bit of local cuisine the kleftiko should be first on your list. Head down to Honey + Thyme in Kamari for some delicious food and lovely staff!

Tip: Don’t be fooled into thinking that bread at the start of the meal is free. You will get charged for this. Although you won’t be charged if you don’t eat it.

2. Climb the mountain

Mountain crop

This seems like a great idea to start but once your half way up (or like me a quarter) in the baking heat, you’ll probably think this is the worst idea ever.

That being said don’t let this put you off! You get to see some pretty cool views from the top (hello Instagram) and you feel great too because well, you just climbed a mountain. Although technically you walked, but climbed sounds much cooler doesn’t it?

Tip: Bring a rucksack. There are loads of cute ones out in the shops now or you can buy one out there. It’s a good idea to bring a drink & some money too. It’s quite a long walk and there’s a little shop at the top if you get extra thirsty!

3. Volcanic Islands

2 Brunettes -Top 5 Things To Do In Santorini - Volcano

If you’ve booked a package deal, chances are you’ll be invited to a welcome meeting with your holiday rep. As well as giving you tons of helpful tips, they also usually give you a list of possible excursions you can book on to if you want to.

We chose to book onto one that gave us a tour of the volcanic craters just off the island. Not only does this mean you get to visit all the craters, you also get to learn a lot about the history of the island and swim to the hot springs (which were tepid at best).

Tip: Don’t wear flip-flops! I found this out the hard way on my way back down when I tripped and snapped my favourite pair!

4. Visit Oia

2 Brunettes -Top 5 Things To Do In Santorini - Oia

Unless you’re lucky enough to be staying in Oia (pronounced ee-ah) in which case take a trip to Kamari instead. Oia is the picture perfect town you see on all the images of Santorini.

You can’t go to Santorini and not see the sunset in Oia! It’s pretty special and people even clap when it’s over (which is quite amusing). I’m not usually one for wearing heels on holiday, but I would especially avoid it in Oia as it is all very cobbly and uphill.

Tip: There’s a relatively cheap restaurant, with a great view which is near or part of Marizan Caves & Villas, but get there early as it soon gets busy around sunset!

5. Shop

2 Brunettes -Top 5 Things To Do In Santorini - Shop

Oia is full of cute little shops to explore and pick up some great gifts for yourself/loved ones.

One thing you’ll see a lot of is opal jewellery. The beautiful stone can be found almost everywhere in shops and won’t break the bank too much. Best of all it looks great against your post-holiday tan!

Tip: A lot of shops stock the same, if not similar, items so don’t be afraid to shop around to get the best price!

Travelling around Santorini is really easy, so don’t be scared to stay in places other than Oia. Buses run regularly across the island for just a few euros or there are loads of alternative ways of getting around.

For those of you who are considering a holiday there soon – do it! If you want something a little easier on the budget try staying in Kamari. Oia is beautiful but only a few minutes away from Kamari, so you won’t be missing out.

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  1. I’m hopefully going to visit Santorini next year and I’m so excited! While I probably won’t do much shopping (not really my thing), I can’t wait to take in the stunning views of Oia and the volcanic islands! The food looks delicious too!

    1. We’re glad you can appreciate a good fish platter! We love seafood! (prawns are my fave) Let us know if you do one day go and try out any of our suggestions! We would love to hear back from you.

      O x

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