So there’s only 17 sleeps until Christmas as of today! For those of you who are freaking about Christmas gifts, don’t forget to check out our his & hers guides. For the rest of you smug so and so’s that have bought all your presents, now is the time to relax. So why not kick back and get in the festive spirit with these Christmas nail art ideas…

All That Glitters

OK so the first look is suuuuper simple and isn’t really Christmas specific, but there’s something festive about a shed load of glitter. For this you’ll need a silver nail polish and a silver glitter top coat. I’ve used Barry M Cosmetics Nail Paint in Silver Foil and Barry M Jewel Glitter Nail Paint in Diamond Glitter.

  1. First up paint your nails with one coat of the silver nail polish. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bit patchy as we’re gonna to cover it with a load of glitter. This is mainly just to bulk out the coverage so we don’t have to have as many glitter coats.
  2. Next apply 2-3 coats of your glitter. You’ll want to wait for them to be semi dry before applying each coat or you’ll just be moving the glitter around. Try to use each side of the brush to make sure you get the max amount of glitter.
  3. Wait for them to dry and you’re done! Glitter overload.

Simple Snowflakes

This one looks tricky but it’s actually easier than you may think! For this you’ll need a base colour of your choice, I would suggest a nice metallic navy and a white nail art pen.

  1. Paint a few coats of your base colour on and allow to dry. You need this to be dry enough so that when you start drawing on your snowflakes it doesn’t drag the polish around your nails.
  2. Start off with a simple star, as in the basic * style ones.
  3. Next draw some smaller lines off each of the ends. Start a little bit down each line and draw a V shape bringing the tops in line with the end ( see the image above for an example).
  4. You can add similar lines to the middle if you wish as well or just leave it there. Add a clear top coat and you’re done! If you want to add something a little extra to this look, you could also try finishing with a fine glitter top coat.

Oh Christmas Tree

This look uses my favourite nail art secret weapon – tape! You can make these more Christmas tree-esque by overlapping tape to make triangles but I’ve gone for a simpler look here.

  1. Like always you need to make sure your base colour is completely dry before sticking on your tape. Otherwise it will just rip off the polish when you come to remove it! Do this look on day old polish or give it a good hour or two drying time.
  2. Stick the tape to the back of your hand to remove some of the stick and then place it starting at the bottom left hand corner of your nail up to the middle point on the tip. Repeat in reverse for the other piece of tape, so that you have a nice triangle space exposed in the middle of your nail.
  3. Paint over this with a good coat of green nail polish. I would suggest something like Barry M Nail Paint in Emerald Green. A quick slick of a green glitter polish as well would look cute (I love glitter).
  4. Peel off the tape while the paint is still wet, so that you can clean up any mistakes easier (hopefully there should be none).
  5. Now decorate your Christmas tree how you want. I would suggest a few diagonal line for tinsel and a few dots for baubles. Wait for it to dry and add a top coat to protect it! Ta-da super festive nails.

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