For those of you who haven’t heard of colour changing nails, they do what they say on the tin.

Coolest nails everrrr ???? Heat sensitive colour change!

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The way they work is similar to the mood rings that were oh so popular in the 90’s, albeit with not quite with so many colour changes. When your nail is warm, the polish turns one colour and then when the nail gets cold, the colour changes to the second colour. If your nails are quite long or you have acrylics, the tips of your nails tend to get colder faster, which creates an amazing ombré effect on the nails.

Amazing right? For those of you who can’t decide on a colour next time you’re at the nail salon, why not try out these amazing shellacs! Over the past year I’ve been testing out as many colours as I could get my hands on (in the name of research) and put together a few of my favourite shades below….

Grungey Grey

First up on the list is a colour called Smokey Haute. Now if you looked at the colour chart online you would probably expect more of a pinky nude into dark grey, however in real life this colour is actually two shades of grey. Fortunately, grey happens to be my favourite colour so I wasn’t too disappointed when I first realised. The warm shade was more of a lighter mushroom grey and the cold a lovely slate grey. This shade is great for those who aren’t keen on bright colours and keeps your nails looking chic whether they are hot or cold!

90s Barbie

Both colours in this polish are reminiscent of the nail polish colours you used to get in children’s makeup sets. Which is why I have affectionately called this shade ’90s Barbie’, however it’s real name ‘TC098’ by BlueSky, isn’t quite as catchy. When warm it’s a translucent shimmery pale pink colour and when cold it turns into an equally shimmery lilac/blue. This colour is the ultimate girly colour so perfect for those who love a super feminine look.

Black Magic

Now this is hands down the coolest colour of the lot, due its striking difference between the two shades. I remember this was the first ever shade I got painted on my talons and I absolutely lost my mind when I saw it in action! The shade is called ‘Starry Night which is a sheer glitter top coat when warm and a solid black with flecks of glitter throughout when cold. Check out the video at the top of the post to see them in action!

So if you’re looking for a super cool update to your mani, definitely try out some of these colour changing polishes. The best part is that it’s a shellac, so it’s going to last a lot longer than a regular polish will.

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