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There must be a reason why stunning women in Hollywood are on the arms of older men?
Robert Downey Jr, George Clooney and David Beckham all have something in common.
Like a fine wine, with age they have gotten so much tastier!
Here’s a run through on why it’s not always a bad idea to date an older man.

No More Games

Unlike the college boys (or anyone under 24) you’ve dated after months of playing hard to get and waiting hours for his reply, the older man won’t be playing games.
He knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to put himself out there and get it.
An older man won’t ignore your message for 2 days because he doesn’t want to look needy.
He’s also passed the  hormonal phase where he just wants to sleep around with anything that moves, so he’s less likely to sleep with your hot room-mate!

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He Knows What To Do… Down There

Presuming he’s not a 40-year-old virgin, he will be extremely sexually experienced and know how to please you.
His years with different women will have taught him what we like and most importantly, what we don’t like.
We’re looking at you Mr No Foreplay.

He’s Smart

Have you ever wondered why you can carry great, interesting conversations with older men?
He’s travelled, experienced life and different cultures.
With an older man you’ll be more likely to talk about novels, art and fine cuisines than with your 20 year old counterpart.
So if drinking wine and talking about the world for hours is what you want, then steer away from the 21 year old football captain who’s deepest conversation will be about the off-side rule.
Instead of being forced by his friends to down shots and eat cheap take-out, you’ll be invited to dinner parties filled with laughter, interesting conversations and good food.

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He’s Got It All

When dating a guy, money shouldn’t be a deciding factor.
However if financial security is an important factor to you, an older guy will most likely have a career, a house and a steady paycheck.
This makes your gentleman much more reliable in the long term than a younger guy who’s starting at the bottom.

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