So I must admit nail art will always have a place in my heart well into when I’m old and grey. There is nothing like a fresh mani to leave you feeling that little bit more put together, like sprinkles on a cupcake. Nail art is also a great way to add that little bit of pizzazz to an otherwise plain outfit. That’s why I’ve put together a few of my personal favourite easy nail art looks that you recreate yourself.

Black Tipped Nails

What you will need:
Base colour
Black nail polish

  1. Prep your nails, this look is perfect for doing over an older mani that you’ve gotten bored of (so that the tape doesn’t rip the base colour off). Make sure your nails are all shaped evenly, this is great on almond-shaped nails!
  2. Paint on your base coat and leave it until it is completely dry (skip this step if you’re painting over an old mani). Once you’re sure its dry (give it a few hours if possible) then it’s time to stick on your tape.
  3. Position one of the corners of the tape in the center of your nail about 3mm away from the tip of your nail. This is not an exact science, just do what you think looks best & try to get them all similar lengths. If your base polish is under a day old I’d recommend sticking the tape on the back of your hand first to remove some of the grip.
  4. Once you are happy with the position, add two light coats of your black polish over the tips of your nails.
  5. While it’s still wet lift off the tape, making sure to pull away from you.
  6. Give the tips a moment to dry and whack some top coat over the top for longevity.Voila you’re done!

The next tutorial is slightly more complex than the last but follows the same concept.

Negative Space Nails

What you will need:
Nail polish of choice (we used Rimmel Keep Calm & Play)

Make sure your nails are prepped before you begin as they’ll be showing through in this design. Also cut your tape into thin strips (you can decide how thick you want them to be).

  1. Now place them in different designs over your bare nails.  Why not mix it up and go for a different design on each nail?
  2. Cover with the colour of your choice. We used Rimmel Keep Calm & Play.
  3. Again remove your tape while they are still wet. (I found it left a smoother line if I gently pulled the tape away from myself, starting from one corner to the other)
  4. Wait for it to dry and add a slick of top coat for extra staying power.

The tricky part to this one is cutting your tape to size, I’d recommend cutting all the pieces you’ll need before starting!

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