Once in a while we can all have a ‘blue’ day or get stuck in a rut and that’s okay.

But when that day becomes weeks, or months even, we need to stop and think ‘what is making me unhappy’ and ‘how can I change that’?

It’s easy to mistake happiness as a result when in reality, happiness is an on-going driver.

Carry on reading as we explore how to take control of your own happiness through 8 key drivers.

Run your own race

You start and end life on your own, so stop comparing your journey in life to others.

If you connect your happiness to being constantly the best, then you’re running a never-ending race set for failure. In your eyes, someone will always be prettier, smarter and funnier than you.

So just let go.

Instead, compare yourself to how you were last year – or even last week- and how much you’ve improved since. And if you haven’t ‘improved’, that’s okay too. Just think about who you want to be in 5 years time and work towards being that best version of you.

Enjoy what you do

We spend most our days at work, whether that’s in an office or from the comfort of your living room. That’s around 8 hours a day, for about 260 days a year.

Don’t spend most of your time doing a job you hate. If every morning your nails curl into themselves and you’re dying to call in sick (for the 5th time this month) then just leave.

You will always find another job. It may not pay as well, but if your ultimate goal in life is happiness, then put that first, the money will come after.

When I was younger I was told, find a hobby you love and find a way to make a living from it.


  1. I love this post. Being positive is so incredibly important in living a happy life! It’s refreshi to read this kind of article!

    Xox, Emily


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