8 Simple Ways To Be Happier


Don’t Dwell

Although it can be tempting to look to the past to gain insights, overtime time you can become to obsess over things that you can’t change.

Instead of constantly looking on how a past event has led you to feeling unhappy, take control of your happiness and work on what you can do now to change it.

Observe the past, target what your dwelling on and find a solution. Can you change this past event that is making you unhappy? If the answer is no, move on.

You’ll stop feeling helpless and start feeling more in control of your own thoughts and feelings.

Switch Off

Do you ever look into your packet of crisps to have another but realise you’ve eaten them all? Or reach your destination without remembering the journey? This is called autopilot.

When you do a certain action very often, you soon start to do it without thinking. This can be anything from your journey home from work and eating your packed lunch to washing the dishes.


Take a moment, breath and live in each moment. Take in the trees which you drive past, really chew each mouthful of your lunch and embrace the flavour, feel the bubbles from the washing up liquid against your skin.

When you switch off autopilot and begin to live every moment – even one’s as dull as washing the dishes- you’ll soon begin to appreciate life more, feel a sense of gratefulness for this amazing life we live and feel happier with your everyday life. We can’t always be on holiday by the beach, so it’s our everyday routine that counts.

Turn your screen off, go for a walk, listen to the birds sing and appreciate how truly amazing life is and be happy as you enjoy your unique journey.

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