If you’ve recently moved/are moving soon, chances are you’ve probably spent a good deal of time scouring Pinterest for interior inspo & are planning your next trip to IKEA.

For many people IKEA is the equivalent of marmite – they either love it or hate it. With an overwhelming amount of storage solutions and furniture pieces, it’s not hard to see why.

Whatever side of the fence you sit on, and having both recently moved, we’ve put together some of the best tips and tricks to make it easier to spot those IKEA pieces you actually need…

Lazy Storage

IKEA SNUDDA lazy Susan Turning function in base makes it easier to serve from.

If you have deep cupboards in your kitchen that go around a corner, you can make your life that little bit easier by investing in a Lazy Susan! Placing items like cleaning goods on a Lazy Susan means instead of having to take everything out to reach that bottle of Febreze at the back, you can simply turn the lazy susan giving you access to everything without having to rummage around. IKEA offer a cheap one for just £5.50 here.

Space Saver

Image taken from Pinterest

A popular hack seen on Pinterest is maximising wasted space. One of the most common being above the bathroom door. Adding a shelf here is great for storing stuff that could be taking up valuable space elsewhere – such as spare towels or toilet rolls. IKEA offer tons of cheap shelving options here.

Clutter-Free Kitchen

IKEA FINTORP rail For a longer rail, connect two FINTORP rails together using only one bracket.

If your kitchen is a little on the small side (like mine), you’ll probably be looking for ways to maximise your storage space. Cluttered sides aren’t going to help give your cosy kitchen an illusion of space either. This is where good old IKEA come to the rescue with their Fintorp collection. Their rails and handy add-ons allow you to take stuff directly off the side, freeing up your counter space!

Sink Space

IKEA DOMSJÖ chopping board The wood surface is durable yet also gentle on your knives.

Speaking of freeing up counter space. For those of you that aren’t blessed with an abundance of countertop, over the sink chopping boards can be a life space saver. IKEA offer several versions to fit a range of sink sizes such as their lämplig or the domsjö pictured above.

Slimline Storage

IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet with 4 compartments

One of my favourite pieces from IKEA has to be their Hemnes shoe cabinet. I have 2 of these slimline cabinets in my house, neither of which is being used as originally intended. My favourite use for this is actually as a media console below our tv. This houses everything from the TV plugs to the PlayStation neatly tucked away. Plus it’s skinny size means that it doesn’t take up valuable room in my living room!

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